Navy Peony Watercolor Cactus Stickers and Succulent Decals | Cute Aesthetic Stickers for Water Bottles, Phone Cases





With 28 unique designs in the cute sticker pack, you will have ample opportunity to make sure your combination of laptop stickers will be one of a kind. 

Do you love your little succulent collection and would like to have a part of them with you wherever you go? Use our computer stickers to personalize your phone case/ tablet cover/ laptop, and let your love for your plants spread over. 

Wish to have your own cacti collection but just don’t have a green thumb for it? Then get our green sticker set instead and have these cute little waterproof stickers brighten your work station for you. 

The small sizes of these decorative scrapbook stickers also make them a versatile decorating component in sprucing up your planners, bullet journals, and table calendars! Putting a smile on your face without being large and obtrusive and blocking out essential details on your planner.

A new formula gives us improved quality on our hydro flask stickers, making them now even more durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant. 

These tumblr stickers are printed on thick, good quality sticker paper. They would stick well to a reusable coffee sip cup, the holder of your eco-friendly utensils, anything that you would subject to intermittent washing. 

More importantly, our cool water bottle stickers do not overstay their welcome! Once you have decided to change the look of your fridge/bottle/phone case/laptop cover, the kawaii planner stickers come off easily and do not leave a sticky residue. 

With 28 designs to choose from, you’ll be able to “grow” your own little succulent sticker bomb garden however you like it, on whatever surface you want it to be! 

Thank you for choosing the Navy Peony Arizona Sticker Pack, we hope they will continue to spark joy for you.


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